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What we do

We specialize in evidence-based, innovative, and sustainable solutions to key challenges in the fields of vocational education and training as well as labor-market and social policy. We develop, test, and work towards anchoring such solutions in partner systems. In this process, we collaborate closely with partners from politics, academia, and practice. Our products and services comprise project design and implementation, advisory services, studies, evaluations, scientific monitoring, databases to support vocational education and training processes and active labor-market policies, concept development, events, as well as network management and facilitation.



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How we work

We focus on a holistic and systemic approach, aimed at contributing to innovative solutions to central social problems and for sustainable changes.

Essential features of our work are evidence-based research; integrating theory and practice; involving and networking actors from politics, the public sector, the private sector, and civil society; and interdisciplinarity.

A combination of high professionalism, extensive practical experience, and methodological and project management expertise set us apart. We bring these core competencies to projects and to testing out innovative approaches that contribute to sustainable systemic improvements, as well as to further developing field-tested knowledge and solution approaches. All this is aimed at improving opportunities, perspectives, and broad participation of predominantly disadvantaged target groups, as well as at contributing to securing skilled employees.


Our motivation

What motivates and inspires us every day is that our work contributes to solving key societal challenges. One of our key concerns is to improve the situation and perspectives of disadvantaged people through comprehensively improving their integration into society and economy.

We stand for working in multidisciplinary and multinational teams as well as for close and trustful collaboration with a network of cooperation partners. We perceive diversity and heterogeneity as an added value, both professionally and personally. Fairness, mutual respect, and appreciation are essential to us. 

Professionalism, broad an in-depths technical expertise as well as quality are also of utmost importance to us. In our professional understanding, it is essential that approaches are adapted to a particular context as well as respective specific context conditions and requirements. 

Based on this understanding, and in close collaboration with our clients and partners, we develop sustainable concepts, implement them successfully, and help to anchor them in partner systems A participatory approach and a focus on existing strengths and potential are our key guiding principles. We strongly believe that this is the only way to solve complex challenges, in Germany and abroad.