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idb | the involas database system

Our software solution enabling education & training providers to efficiently and comprehensively manage data on education & training offerings and participants.

idb is a browser-based database supporting planning, managing, documenting, and evaluating initial and further education & training programs, as well as managing participants’ data. 

Exchanging information and communicating with the Federal Employment Agency (BA) and Job Centers in accordance with respective mandatory data standards is ensured via the eM@w interface. 

idb is always up to date. Updates are provided online, so there is no need to install them on-site.

idb features

Managing education & training measures

Create education & training measures and related modules, create individual learning and development plans, plan corresponding assignment of learners and trainers as well as utilization of resources  generate a schedule / calendar for individual learning & development journeys, supporting collaboration with other education & training provides (e.g. forming a consortium)  through interfaces either within idb or with external systems.


Managing Participant‘s data

Create participants’ profiles; document attendance and absences; create individual development plans (following guidelines from the Regional Sourcing Centers (REZ) of the Federal Employment Agency); and generate reports such as attendance lists, agreements, overviews on progress and success related to education & training measures, as well an occupancy / utilization rates etc.


Documentation and organization

Organize and manage tasks, schedules, and documents within an organisation; create roles and profiles in a team; organize cooperation with external education & training providers or cooperating companies providing work-based learning opportunities; generate differentiated analyses for self-evaluation and- if required -external evaluation on education & training measures  through freely configurable queries; archive participant data records on request or export them for local storage.