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Online database for the "Gütesiegel Berufs- und Studienorientierung Hessen" project

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Since 2010 the Gütesiegel ("seal of approval") has been awarded to schools that implement an excellent career- and study-orientation concept in Hesse. The Hesse-wide certification process has been underway since 2019, with applications, appraisals, and seal decisions made via an online database designed and programmed specifically for the process (2018). The database is available under the URL to all participating schools, the audit teams, and five more roles, which go through the 18-month process in a small-scale coordinated role concept (about 60–80 schools, with 250–350 users per year).

Scope of the database in total: 1,400 addresses, 365 logins, 7 roles, 8 modules, plus special functions (appointment coordination, mail tool for role-specific sending of circulars to stored master data (partially automated and configurable templates), address tool for managing the entire database, event management with automated creation of certificates of attendance, role-specific document management with PDF documents and explanatory videos). Standard assessments and configurable assessments according to criteria are available for assessments and the evaluation of the process, as well as annual feedback surveys of the stakeholders and, since 2022, for participating schools too.

  • Feel free to test out the quiz or the anonymous self-assessment on our homepage

Since 2022, involas has been tasked with transferring the "Gütesiegel" database system to two other federal states. We support tailor-made implementation in the respective states with the help of our expertise and our partners.